This chapter examines the electoral fortunes of three parties such as the Popolo della Liberta (People of Freedom-PDL), the Lega Nord (Northern League-LN) and the Schweizerische Volkspartei (Swiss People's Party-SVP) after they entered government. It briefly considers the electoral effects in government and explains which types of elections will subsequently be analysed by studying the electoral performances of the PDL, LN, and SVP. In the cases of the PDL and LN, people examine the elections which brought them into power in 2008, the two key elections during their time in office and then the 2013 general election. The chapter explains highly significant juncture for the SVP since it not only saw the party secure, a second seat in the Federal Council, but also marked Blocher's election as a federal councillor, thus bringing the leader of the dominant, and more radical, Zurich wing into government for the first time.