This chapter offers detailed and systematic comparative analysis based on original research and extensive fieldwork of the ideologies, organizational models and recent experiences in power of populist parties such as the Popolo Della Liberta (PDL-People of Freedom), the Lega Nord (LN-Northern League) in Italy, and the Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP-Swiss People's Party) in Switzerland. It provides a series of key questions concerning populists in power, and discusses possible future directions of research on populism in Europe. Then, it contributes to renewed efforts to understand the trajectory of populism in Europe and help dispel the myth that populists are somehow incompatible with government. People argue that more analysis is required for how these different models work 'on the ground' and what relationships they are able to generate between populist leaders and members. In fact, several suggestions for future research focus on the need to better understand populist party organization.