This chapter discusses the human nature and behavior patterns in the workplace that organizational members steal from their organizations almost any of their assets, material or intellectual. In addition to employee theft, it discusses other manifestations of misbehavior including corruption in organizations, cases of grand theft and fraud of enormous proportions, sabotage and vandalism, and it pays special attention to modern misbehavior such as data theft, cyber wars, piracy, and hacking. Conceptually we regard theft, vandalism, corruption, or espionage as OMB when the act violates core organizational or societal rules. Organizational corruption is defined as actions that violate organizational and or societal norms by misuse of organizational power or authority for personal or organizational gain. In organizations in which rules, procedures, directives, or suggestions from senior management are unethical or ethically ambiguous, corrupt acts are likely to be accepted and condoned and thereby become the organizational norm.