This chapter assesses the wellspring of doctrine at the organisational level. It also draws on organisational process and bureaucratic politics models. The Draft Nuclear Doctrine of 1999 was the collective work of members of the National Security Advisory Board headed by Krishnaswamy Subrahmanyam. The HQ Army Training Command (ARTRAC) carries out doctrinal work in conjunction with the Faculty of Studies (FOS) at the Army War College (AWC), the Military Operations (MO) and the Perspective Planning (PP) Directorates at the Integrated HQ of MoD. To reconcile the divergence, there was a joint conference under the aegis of the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) on the issue in 2008. Presently, the Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) Division of the Doctrines, Operations and Training (DOT) Branch is responsible for joint doctrine formulation. Samuel Huntington described the military ethic in his doctoral thesis, later published as the influential book The Soldier and the State.