A signi fic ant aspect of success ful project manage ment is the ability for a team or workforce to complete a set task to time. Event manage ment util ises many differ ent project manage ment tools and approaches in order to plan, organ ise and execute a success ful and safe event. Part of this meas ure ment of success is based around the ability of event teams and indi vidu als to work effect ively with one another. The events industry is a unique sector which demands a differ ent and unusual approach to human resource manage ment (HRM) due to its chan ging short-and long-term needs. This chapter will focus on the various aspects of struc tures and teams that contrib ute to the organ isation of event projects. Firstly, event teams and their connec tion to employ ees and HRM will be reviewed and analysed specific ally for the events field. Secondly a look at lead er ship will be discussed before a focus on event volun teers, their motiv a tions and needs, because, after all, volun teer ism is a crucial part of event success. Lastly, group psycho logy will be high lighted as an import ant consid er a tion for under stand ing the complex it ies of group work and team cohe sion.