In the first chapter it was outlined that one distinc tion between events manage ment and project manage ment is that of audi ence and, poten tially, promo tion – in the sense that events ulti mately want an audi ence to spectate, parti cip ate and enjoy the event on offer and market ing and promo tional tech niques are often deployed to make this happen. Of course it is argu able that promo tion can also be used in project management, for example to gain a new supplier or to promote an organ isa tion. The importance of this chapter, however, is to explore how project manage ment tech niques can be used to assist event managers in market ing and promot ing their events. Previously, market ing and promo tional sources have commonly stemmed from the academic fields of personal rela tions, market ing and advert ising. This chapter seeks to use project manage ment as a medium for explor a tion and applic a tion to the wider areas of events manage ment.