Being aware of the legal envir on ment which surrounds an event is of signi fic ant import ance to any events company, the general public and asso ci ated stake hold ers. It should be a key prior ity for event managers to main tain a good working know ledge of the ‘ever-chan ging legal land scapes’ (Bladen et al., 2012, 81). The legal envir on ment is differ ent in each country and there fore it is crucial for the event organ isa tion to research their host’s culture and legis la tion. This chapter will focus on the law of England and Wales as a ground ing in law for event managers. For the most part, events are enjoy able, success ful and valu able to the local, regional, national and poten tially inter na tional stage. The effect ive project manage ment of events is of key import ance to keep disrup tion and crisis at bay, but some times events do go wrong and it is crucial to under stand what the legal consequences and guidelines are in relation to both success ful and failed events. An under stand ing of the legal envir on ment is essen tial ‘To protect your legal interests, to abide by ethical prac tices, to ensure the safety and secur ity of your event stake hold ers, and to protect your finan cial investment’ (Goldblatt, 2008, 379).