Affect and emotion are what moves us into re/action and into feeling. Emotions matter because they affect the ways we travel, how we interact with others and with places. Affective tourism deals with circulations of emotions, affect and feelings between and among touring bodies, places and things. Emotions, feelings and affects have been at the periphery of tourism studies, in spite of some calls for closer engagement with emotional dimensions in tourism. The critical turn has become more visible, vocal and prominent in tourism studies. I have maintained that this book goes some way towards addressing affects, emotions, feelings, senses and death drives in tourism studies. I have offered just a sliver of the many affective and emotional engagements in tourism to places of ongoing socio-political turmoil. My intention was not to be exhaustive, but to offer examples from social and cultural geography, as well as from psychoanalysis, that provide insights into the rich world of affects and emotions.