The subjective experience of emotions becomes most obvious in tourism since tourism moves people, not only in a physical sense, but also emotionally and affectively. Tourism studies employ a wonderfully eclectic approach to exploring life, cultures, societies, places and spaces. Performances in lesbian tourism geographies are examined through the spatial and political productivity of pride and shame in gendered and sexualised bodies. Critical approaches in tourism recognise the importance of emotions and their potentially cathartic impacts. Accounts of dark tourism present the ways anxiety, death and danger are commoditised as products and experiences at dark sites focusing mainly on 'merchandising and revenue generation'. This chapter argues that existential fear experienced both by tourists and local tourism industry representatives can be extremely productive socially, spatially, politically and conceptually in advancing affective tourism in places of turmoil. Critical debates that consider social and cultural constructions of affects, emotions, feelings and senses should figure more prominently in tourism studies.