This conclusion presents some closing thoughts of the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book offers a sliver of the many affective and emotional engagements in tourism to places of ongoing socio-political turmoil. It explores that social, cultural and spatial theories of affect and emotion to examine the data collected through ethnographic fieldwork using individual interviews, focus groups, written diaries and non-commercial photographs. The book considers the ways in which binaries such as fun/fear, safety/danger, peace/war and life/death are asserted, disrupted and transgressed in tourism spaces by those who travel to/in places of ongoing conflict, such as Jordan and Palestine/Israel. It focuses on danger-zone tourist subjectivities and local guides as experiencing and performing sites of danger and conflict in embodied, emotional and sensuous ways. The book contributes to current critical understandings in tourism studies of dark tourism, affects, emotions and psychoanalysis.