The Swiss have traditionally built with wood, using stacked squared logs to erect houses and agricultural and urban buildings. The advanced prefabricated wood buildings were executed in the early 20th century and today Switzerland is a leader in high-tech wood manufacturing and erection. The Tamedia Building, located in the urban heart of Zurich, demonstrates innovative wooden joinery and Swiss expertise in using computer-aided timber manufacturing and construction. It was designed by international architect Shigeru Ban for the Swiss media company, the building features is an interlocking timber post and beam system that requires no metal fastening to bring down gravity loads for the primary seven-story frame. Tamedia required a high level of logistical coordination for the timber structure because each element had to be erected at a specific time, as well as numbered, delivered, and stored in a clear way for proper erection. The Swiss chalet and farmhouse are architectural styles based in wood still copied around the world today.