Around 1600 in Evolène, Val d'Hérens Swiss carpenters built multi-family log buildings up to six stories tall. 1 Like other alpine people, the Swiss have traditionally built with wood, using stacked squared logs to erect houses and agricultural and urban buildings. The oldest remaining log building in Switzerland was built in 1287, and several buildings in the village of Mühlebach in Goms were erected from 1381 to 1496 and are still occupied today. The Swiss chalet and farmhouse are architectural styles based in wood still copied around the world today. 2 Advanced prefabricated wood buildings were executed in the early 20th century and today Switzerland is a leader in high-tech wood manufacturing and erection. Since 2005 six-story timber buildings have been allowed in Switzerland and eight-story buildings were permitted in 2015. 3 Zurich-based pool architects fi nished a six-story residential building in an urban area of Zurich in 2010 using 20 cm × 10 cm solid sawn timbers for load-bearing walls, and other solid wood buildings have continued to be erected, like kämpfen für architektur's Mühlebach (ForstBW). 4