Built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, timber buildings up to nine stories and reaching 30 meters in height are still in use today in North America. Despite having stood for 100 years or more, such buildings could not be built today because of contemporary building codes. These historic, tall timber buildings have undergone renovation and modernization to meet contemporary standards, but the timber structural bones remain unchanged. 1 If timber buildings like these could be erected over 100 years ago and still be in use today, there is precedent that similar structures using contemporary building technologies could be constructed to meet contemporary life safety standards. In fact, several proposals for truly high-rise wood buildings have been put forth, some suggesting that timber buildings over 40 stories are technically achievable. 2 Explorations like these can help change perceptions as they illustrate the potential of timber. But before timber skyscapers can enter any conversation, many jurisdictions will have to take more than small steps beyond current code restrictions.