Today, forest cover represents only around 9 percent of England's land area and timber for construction must largely be imported. The timber cones are an essential component of the building's natural ventilation strategy. The tall timber is still in its infancy, yet projects like the Graphite Apartments make it clear that cross-laminated timber (CLT) presents a viable alternative to concrete and steel construction for multi-family housing. The Bridport House, a five-story, concrete structure from the 1960s has a distinctly urban demeanor in its tall massing, rich brick cladding, and balconies that extend interior space into the city. The fire safety standards are the same for all structural materials, and designers may choose between prescriptive standards and an alternative compliance path that involves individual agreement between the developer, designer, and building authority. The timber framing in England was descending from its climax and other materials and styles in architecture were taking its place.