Understanding that females could never be liberated if we did not develop healthy self-esteem. And self-love feminist thinkers went directly to the heart of the matter critically examining how we feel and think about our bodies and offering constructive strategies for change. However, if we abandon the struggle to eliminate sexist defined notions of beauty altogether, we risk undermining all the marvelous feminist interventions which allowed us to embrace our bodies and ourselves and love them. Although all females are more aware of the pitfalls and dangers of embracing sexist notions of female beauty, we are not doing enough to eliminate those dangers to create alternatives. Young girls and adolescents will not know that feminist thinkers acknowledge both the value of beauty and adornment if we continue to allow patriarchal sensibilities to inform the beauty industry in all spheres. Until feminists go back to the beauty industry, go back to fashion, and create an ongoing, sustained revolution.