Many times during the course of writing the present book I have felt the loneliness of the long-distance runner. However, I have then had the privilege to benefit from the friendly support and good advice of a number of colleagues who in one way or another have made their impact on the final result. My greatest debt of gratitude is to Bo Sodersten who initiated the study, who closely followed the course of my work from the first draft page to the last, and who generously and constantly provided intellectual encouragement and inspiration in difficult moments. Christopher K. Clague, Wolf Donner, Sidney W. Mintz,Gerard Pierre-Charles, Eskil Wadensjo and Roland Wingfield all read substantial portions of the manuscript and contributed with innumerable constructive suggestions along the way. Morgan Aberg, Tom Alberts, Arne Bigsten, Anders Borglin, Gunilla Bornmalm-Jardelow, Harald Dickson, Rene Dorville, Alberto Garcia-Munevar, Jan Gunnarsson, Mohinder Guron, Antonio Handal, Gote Hansson, Lennart Hjalmarsson, Bengt Hoglund, Rogelio Imable, Bengt Jonsson, Lars Jonung, Charlie Karlsson, Michel S. Laguerre, Millard F. Long, Marianne Lundahl, Gustav F. Papanek, Inga Persson-Tanimura, Erling Petersson, Lennart Petersson, Paul N. Rosenstein-Rodan, Robert I. Rotberg, Bo Sandelin, Daniel M. Schydlowsky, Lars Soderstrom, Laszlo Somogyi Bjorn Thalberg and Bo Walfridson struggled with drafts of varying quality and improved

logistic services and a minimum of duties at the Department of Economics at the University of Lund, to Paul N. Rosenstein-Rodan for generously extending to me the stimulating environment at the Center for Latin American Development Studies at Boston University during 1975, to Michel Montoya Maquin for inviting me to spend the summer of 1976 with the Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences at Port-au-Prince, and to Jose Luis Barreiro for necessary support during my stay with IlCA.