To understand the importance of the castellans in defining the social and economic parameters within which the Manresan bourgeoisie was constrained to operate, it is necessary to say a few words about the 'rise' of the Manresan bourgeoisie. Since the Manresan burghers evolved in a world that was, and was destined to remain, essentially feudal, it makes sense to begin a study of Manresan society with an overview of the castellanate. The Talamanca family seat was the ancient Talamanca Castle, which, as noted, lay at the head of an upland valley a few kilometres east of Manresa. The material surroundings of this castellan family in the early fourteenth century were significantly more spartan than those of burgher or squire families of the later fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and this suggests that the 'material revolution' which we locate in the later fourteenth century affected both knights and burghers.