The roots of the Talamanca family can be traced back to a Bernat de Talamanca, who had been lord of the castle between 1186 and 1209, and so it is known that the family had been established at this seat for at least a century when the Talamanca books commenced. The affair of the tomb provides a multivalent example of the levels of exchange that were occurring between the castellan and the burgher classes in the early fourteenth century. Furthermore, the Socarrats and the Casanova relationships ended with several Manresan patrician fortunes being absorbed by the Talamancas. This shows how a knightly family could use a combination of marriage strategies, luck, shrewd management and their position of social dominance as a means to absorb patrician fortunes. The connection between the Talamancas and the Ocinas proved valuable for many years, and helped to set alliance patterns between the castellan families of the Bages for over half a century.