This book is concerned with the discourse of German imperialism in Sub-Saharan Africa from the beginning of Germany’s aspirations to own colonies until the Second World War. It examines German colonialist propaganda, travel literature, colonial memoirs and autobiographies and fictional literature set in the African colonies. German-language colonial and colonialist texts will be analysed within their historical and philosophical context and against their ideological background. 1 They will be scrutinized from the point of view of thematic content and of the discursive-linguistic strategies used to purvey a broadly nationalist and specifically colonialist ideology. The analysis makes particular use of two modern methods of discourse analysis: the Discourse Historical Approach, developed in the late 1990s by Ruth Wodak et al., and Critical Metaphor Theory, used to good effect by Jonathan Charteris-Black (2004 and 2014) and Andreas Musolff (2010) for the analysis of political discourse. This methodology is fully explained in Chapter 2 .