This chapter presents five Mystery U-Boat case studies, 1944-1945. (U984), (U988) and (U441), the first of five case studies that cover the Inshore Campaign, focuses on the first phase, which was the immediate response by BdU to the Allied landings in Normandy in June 1944. The second case study examines two U-boat U480 and (U1208) wrecks that lie over 200 nautical miles apart but are historically connected because of the ways and circumstances in which they were sunk in February 1945. The third case study examines the three mystery U-boats (U1021), (U400) and (U683) that were found in recent years off the north coast of Cornwall. The fourth case study examines three mystery cases (U1279), (U325) and (U650) in the area of Land's End to the Lizard peninsula. The fifth case study examines the sinking of two (U322) and (U772) of the earliest losses to occur in the Study Area during the second phase of the Inshore Campaign.