The 10 mystery U-boat wreck sites found since 1945 change the overall picture of U-boat losses in the Study Area considerably. Compared against the 2012 List, for the Inshore Campaign, Anti-U-Boat Division (AUD) was only 57" successful in correctly identifying the location of a destroyed U-boat. A success rate of 81" is recorded in the first phase of the Inshore Campaign and only 36" in the second. The war, as AUD reconciled the German record of U-boat losses with its own incident record. This was done in an attempt to explain how each U-boat was lost. Allies attributed the wrong attack to the loss of the U-boat. One of the key methodologies for tying the historical text to the wreck sites was the development of a GIS spatial database of ASW attacks. Doing so reveals clearly the difference in the amount of viable tracking data Operational Intelligence Centre (OIC) was receiving in each phase.