This chapter compares the U-boat wrecks in the Study Area to the 1919 and 1946 Lists. Herein lies the paradox between the studies of U-boat wrecks in both world wars. WW1 U-boats such as UB65, can be specifically identified by their propeller markings, whereas the supporting historical texts appear to be less reliable and need to be treated even more judiciously than would usually be the case when inspecting primary source documents. Conversely, WW2 U-boats are extremely difficult to specifically identify, but the supporting historical texts, where relevant, are generally much more dependable, especially the output from Operational Intelligence Centre (OIC) and Anti-U-Boat Division (AUD), even in the difficult second phase of the Inshore Campaign. There is also evidence to show the geographic delineation of responsibilities between the Allies as to which nation conducted U-boat assessments in the Operation Overlord area had been planned in advance and was to be solely the responsibility of AUD in the Study Area.