This chapter focuses on identification, assessment and planning, and describes the Special Educational Coordinators's (SENCo) role in relation to the paperwork and procedures required by the special educational needs and disability (SEND) Code of Practice. It describes special situations in which SENCos are likely to help prepare evidence: SEND tribunals and Ofsted inspections. Governors must evaluate the impact of any provision that is made and it may be incumbent on the SENCo to supply appropriate data and qualitative information. Provision management is an excellent way to demonstrate to Ofsted and others precisely what a school is doing to meet SEND needs and how these are contributing to pupil outcomes. Governors and school leaders must ensure that the needs of the population with SEN are provided for. Inspectors will examine how well pupils with SEN progress both academically and socially from their starting points by examining SEN systems, lesson observations, work scrutiny and discussion with the SEN leader in the school.