In this final paper Heathcote reflects on her professional life and summarizes four stages of development in her theory and practice. Inevitably, there is some repetition here, as she restates the key characteristics of each model. In the first model she sums up the phase of her practice that has become known as ‘living-through’ drama. Although she moves on to working through Mantle of the Expert and the other models – Rolling Role and Commissions – she recalls the advantages of what she calls this ‘pure form’ and analyses it very precisely. She emphasizes the need to use role in very subtle ways and explains the significance of focus and tension in driving the work as well as the importance of developing a group point of view among the students. As we have seen in the previous chapters, Mantle of the Expert also employs these elements but is built on task situations and develops a powerful sense of self-spectatorship in the participants.