This chapter provides tipsheets that describe ways parents can reinforce literacy at home. Take-Home TipSheets strengthen the home-school connection. The home-school connection is important to student literacy achievement. However, it can be time-consuming to develop and implement programming that keeps families engaged and involved. Empowering Families makes it easier to accomplish these goals. This can be achieved by taking step-by-step plans for arranging a variety of parent/caregiver meetings and literacy booster events. Sending home brief, eye-catching literacy tips on a regular basis reinforces and extends strategies discussed at Literacy Booster Meetings or experienced at family literacy events. The chapter enables educators to get families involved in their children's learning in ways that are fun and non-intimidating. It also provides children of different ages with fun reading books such as; 'celebrate diversity' for children aged between four and eight and 'other cultures' for children aged between nine and twelve.