Literacy Booster Meetings offer an opportunity for everyone to learn, share, discuss, and become more confident with strategies that bolster literacy. Scheduling is described as the Survey parents/caregivers or confers with the parent organization at any school to gauge optimum times for holding Literacy Booster Meetings. Since Literacy Booster Meetings are intended for adults only, it considers providing childcare. When Literacy Booster Meetings are managed effectively and contain practical ideas that can be implemented easily at home, parents/caregivers are more likely to attend future events. In Literacy Booster Meetings, breaks offer participants an opportunity to interact with one another and form or renew friendships. Often at such times, participants encourage each other to attend future events, exchange ideas, and offer support for putting Literacy Booster Meeting suggestions in place at home. To be effective, Literacy Booster Meetings and Family Literacy Events must be tailored to the needs of the school community.