This chapter deals with the parent's night out with their kids. The chapter mainly focuses on male caregivers. Blended families, one-parent households, two wage-earner families, other adults serving as guardians, and day care facilities offering after-school programs have increased in the last several decades. The effects of the changing home structure and challenging economic conditions have limited the amount of time families spend conversing, laughing, and reading together. Children with male caregivers who are actively involved in their education show increased cognitive abilities, are psychologically well-adjusted, and demonstrate increased social competence and healthier relationships with peers. An activity night with a male caregiver is especially important for younger children. It may set the pattern for continuing interaction, conversation, and learning together throughout childhood. Male caregivers will participate in several activities that require them to read and converse with their child in an enjoyable, relaxed setting. Male caregivers will help children read and accomplish engaging activities.