Over the last three decades, Iran has been a prominent feature of the world press and global media. Iran's economic-freedom ranking in the 2012 report by Freedom House is 171st out of 179 countries. In political freedom and respect for human rights, it scores seventh, the lowest position on a seven-category scale. The first and second clauses of Iran's 1979 constitution describe the regime as the manifestation of God's rule on earth. The Fiction Concerning Iran's Nuclear Ambitions has Complicated Iran's Normal Relations with Its Neighbors and the International Community at Large. Similarly, the demonstrators' demand in the Arab world was straightforward: the ouster of the long-ruling dictators. Interestingly Enough, in the Un General Assembly Votes On Iran's 2011 Human-Rights Violations, Tunisia and Libya Voted Against the Islamic Republic, and Egypt Abstained. Finally, the False Notion about the Arab Spring's Emanating from Iran's Green Movement has enabled the Islamic Republic's Propaganda Machine to Portray the North African Uprisings.