This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on concept discussed in this book. Fredrika Thelandersson argues, point to the potential for productive dialogue between feminists online with the goal of creating a more diverse and intersectional feminist blogosphere. Julie also credits feminism and her experience as a feminist blogger for continually motivating her work toward her goal of being a writer. Amandine reports, 'Feminism has informed my aspiration to go to law school and use JD to work for a national feminist activist organization and help women advance status in the world'. Madison claims that although she always wanted to be a lawyer, she now sees herself specifically working on feminist legal issues, such as cases involving sexual assault and domestic violence. Banet Weiser has recently termed 'popular misogyny' an overt style of misogynistic discourses and practices increasingly permeating media cultures in the form of men's rights groups, the harassment of feminist bloggers, and hacked photos of nude female celebrities.