This chapter examines a moral economy perspective within International Political Economy (IPE). Critical discourse analysis is examined as the means by which a moral economy perspective can be applied to the assessment of European Union (EU)-Africa Association. A critical discourse analysis focused on official representations of EU-Africa Association can examine the role of official EU language in reupholstering the moral economy, and in ostensibly legitimising Europe's essential task to promote African development. The chapter focuses on the evolution of Association, and explores how the moral economy of EU-Africa co-operation has been reupholstered through discursive shifts. Moreover, critical discourse analysis examines to consider EU discourse under Cotonou and how it has been used to reupholster the moral economy of Association in the context of the shift from non-reciprocal to reciprocal free trade. The chapter considers studies of 'moral economy' and their relevance for attempts to un-blur ethics and economics in Europen's partnership with African former colonies.