Writing clubs provides the opportunity for extra support or for longer writing experiments in a non-judgmental space. Some children surprise themselves and their teachers with what they are able to write with a different, mixed-age, peer group. This chapter describes three different teachers experiences of writing clubs who were members of Buckinghamshire's Teachers as Writers (TAW) group project. Lynda, set up a lunchtime writing club, Buzzwords, in her primary school. She established an atmosphere of respectful attention so children who wanted to would read out their work. Patrick Donoghue, a sense of pride in his students accomplishments and give them confidence and willingness to take on any task that was put in front of them. Emma extends the schools curriculum offer, a chance to take writing beyond the scope of lessons. The space and permission to write personally and imaginatively, to experiment with new structures and devices, helped the secret writers to explore reading and writing further in making discoveries.