The rise of tactical urbanism as an identifiable and concretely defined policy for entrepreneurial urban managers exemplifies how disparate forms of urban subversion are being channelled into creating new forms of replicable industrial creative urbanism. The author outlines the details of tactical urbanism elsewhere but it is worth revisiting the reasons as to why it is inculcating a creative industrial city. In the spectacularised city, the process of urban subversion is itself mediated and represented. There is the continual proliferation of the mediated imagery of subversive activity. In the creatively activist city, urban subversion occurs continually against the creative city. There is continual creativity in reaction to the mundane 'creative' practices of the creative city. A socially creative city therefore encourages its pockets of not-inferno to grow, to self-manage and to create new forms that do not feed the creative city. In the socially creative city, subversion is not only collective and self-managing, it is ethical.