Urban subversion is being complicit in the idea that authors see the apparatus of capture and subvert the hegemonic city. It is the initial spark of desire-production, the need for socialised collaboration and the desire to subvert the Creative City to espouse more social justice combined. The author shows through using ontologies developed by Baudrillard and Delueze and Guattari, authors can epistemologically understand how a creative city can be thought of as ontologically different to the Creative City. Mott and Roberts argue that there is a paradox within urban exploration; if it emphasises a radical politics of resistance but portrays this through physical strength, fearlessness and heroism, then it is marginalising othered bodies just as systematically as the Creative City does. Urban subversion is the practice that allows people to realise a creative city. Subculturalisation as a process starts with the marginalisation by urban governance and continues through the sociality of those who have been marginalised.