This chapter focuses on 'Modem Prophets of Language' and it was produced as a preliminary report for a lecture to the Institute for the Humanities and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Michigan on 23 October 1992. These institutions and their then respective heads, Professors James Winn and Richard Ford, as well as Professor Bruce Mannheim, for the arrangements and support that facilitated that project and presentation. The chapter investigates the creation of so-called Basic English, the word BASIC being an acronym for British American Scientific Intemational Commercial, and the various realms or spheres in which it is to be useful at least as an auxiliary language if not a first language. Of course, for British, American, and even Australian, New Zealander. The intellectual entrepreneur, Ogden promoted the adoption of Basic English through the institutions of applied science in the public sphere that he himself created and staffed.