At a more 'micro' level, genres can be examined for their lexicogrammatical features (Bhatia, 1993), that is, the vocabulary and grammatical patterns that help to express the genres' moves. In order to integrate attention to lexicogrammar in an ESP course, teachers may first wish to investigate the linguistic features in genres relevant to their students. This chapter explores some different approaches for doing such investigations. These include manual approaches, whereby a genre analyst codes, counts, and interprets lexicogrammatical features 'by hand'; and corpus linguistics approaches, which rely, at least in part, on electronic software and online corpora to uncover linguistic patterns in a set of genre exemplars. To generate concordance lines and/or collocates not only for significant but also for its related word forms, one can use the wildcard symbol * at the end of the root significan. Another way that corpus software can identify word combination patterns is through N-gram analysis.