This chapter focuses on how to design a genre-based course. It begins by considering evidence that such instruction facilitates students' genre learning. The chapter then reviews processes of creating a genre-based course, including analysis of students' 'needs' and 'rights' and consideration of how 'wide-angle', 'narrow-angle', and/or 'critical' a course may be. Tardy (2006), in fact, in her extensive review of genre learning scholarship, identified classroom instruction as one of multiple factors that builds students' genre knowledge and skills. Needs analysis has been a hallmark of ESP course design. Target needs are the knowledge(s) and abilities, including those related to genres, required of students' target situations, such as their academic programs, workplaces, or everyday life contexts. ESP needs analysis also takes into consideration students' learning needs, that is, the resources, processes, and activities needed for students to learn the target material.