Developing a genre-based ESP course involves not only planning its overall structure and focus(es) but also selecting and/or constructing lesson materials that implement your course vision. This chapter offers guidance on how to create and assess genre-based materials. It focuses on two components that make up such materials: tasks (also known as activities) and texts. The chapter begins with an overview of several task types, rhetorical consciousness-raising, text production, and process, and discusses why each may facilitate students' genre learning within different course designs. It shows how to sequence such tasks within a curricular unit, as well as how to select or create texts for your tasks, and to evaluate the effects of these materials on students' learning. Rhetorical consciousness-raising tasks are perhaps the hallmark of ESP genre-based teaching. For a basic level of genre-consciousness, one must recognize that different genres exist. Tasks can also be designed to raise students' consciousness of genre contexts.