This chapter deals with once again the question of potentiality; but this time in a way that relates this question directly to the question of naturalness. It also deals with the questions related to environmental ethics, science and technology. The chapter discusses that defend the intuition that there is an important and relevant difference between the possible-I and the possible-N. Apparently humans can, as the author said, carry out experiments and reveal new and sometimes also surprising dispositional properties of different phenomena. The difference between possible-N and possible-I has, to the author mind, been confused in the modern history of science. Science, broadly construed seems to assume that it is the possible-N that is unveiled, while it normally uncovers both possible-N and possible-I. Environmentalism has a reputation of 'gloom and doom', since environmentalists are seldom able to fill the vacancy that occurs in the wake of their many protests against the ways that the author's manipulate nature today.