Shakespeare and the Chamberlain's men urged Dekker to get on with the work. They also arranged that the Children of Paul's should put the play on privately. Dekker was ready with his play; it was named Satiromastix, or the untrusting of the Humorous poet. He had no store of lines from Horace barbed with double meanings, but there was ample mud on the Bankside. Parliament broke up in time for Christmas. During the holidays, the Lord Chamberlain's players acted thrice at Court. At Cambridge the Christmas play at St. John's College was called The Return from Parnassus: it was full of comment and reference to the stage and its affairs. Jonson, said the young men, was the wittiest fellow of a bricklayer in England. This mimic Kemp had little use for the dramatic efforts of University men few of them pen plays well: They smell too much of that writer Metamorphosis, and talk too much of Proserpine and Jupiter.