This chapter explores how two recent science fiction films, World War Z and Monsters negotiate and illuminate aspects of these dangerous discourses. World War Z exemplifies the logical of biopolitical governance outlines by Foucault. As with other films in the zombie cycle, it is clear that in World War Z human lives matter while zombies can be killed without hesitation, but the shift from individuals striving to survive to the framework of government response to the zombie attack. Yet World War Z shifts zombie discourse away from humanity symbolized by individual survivors and toward state, specifically American state with some sort of United Nations gloss, as the locus of resistance to zombie infestation. Monsters demonstrate how sf can challenge dangerously complicity narratives such as World War Z and envision exciting new modes of life beyond dangerous biopolitics of our present. The biopolitics of migration are highlighted in circuitous route that Kaulder and Sam must take to reach the United States.