This chapter examines a group of recent science fiction films that challenge and have the potential to transform our thinking. Inception cleverly reverses the traditional objective of the heist film. There are three narrative trajectories interwoven in Inception that must be resolved. The first deals with incepting information into the mind of Robert Fischer and second is Cobb's desire to be reunited with his children. Finally, centers on Cobb's guilt over Mal's suicide. Source Code interweaves three narrative trajectories developed around an unconventional male protagonist, Colter Stevens. First is the action and suspense plot line where Stevens's mission is to identify the bomber and disarm the bomb so authorities can prevent the detonation of a nuclear device in Chicago. The second involves issues of time, memory, and identity. The third draws together two seminal cultural imperatives: the reconciliation between father and son, and a uniting of the romantic couple.