A first major issue in the ideology of Libertair Direct Democratisch (LDD) is neoliberalism, according to LDD, the share of the government in the Belgian economy is far too large in comparison with other European countries, which jeopardizes the creation of welfare. The Belgian political system is presented by Jean Marie Dedecker as corrupt, clientelistic and a particracy, functioning by means of compromises between party headquarters without any say of citizens. While denouncing the establishment, Dedecker sees himself as the representative of the common people, who can no longer identify themselves with the political class. This chapter focuses on the 2009 elections, some more information about this campaign will be provided. It explores the origins, ideology and voters of LDD. After the 2009 elections, things went from bad to worse for LDD, and at the early federal elections of June 2010 the party was only able to get one MP elected.