The Vlaams Blok (VB) emerged in 1978 out of dissatisfaction with the Flemish nationalist Volksunie (VU). As a consequence the name Vlaams Blok was changed into Vlaams Belang. At the same time, Karel Dillen founded the Vlaams-Nationale Partij (VNP) and the two parties decided to participate in the federal elections of 1978 under the name VB. The 'Black Sunday' alarmed all other Belgian parties which agreed upon a cordon sanitaire or agreement not to cooperate with the VB under any circumstances and on any political level. Since the ethnic community does not coincide with the Belgium state, it is obvious for the party that the artificial Belgian state should cease to exist and that Flemings and Walloons should go their own way. This chapter focuses on the 2009 elections and shows how the campaign went for the VB. The socio-demographic characteristic data of the VB voter are gathered by the Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research (ISPO).