In his speeches and interviews Geert Wilders increasingly shows a more radical form of Islamophobia, based on apocalyptic conspiracy theories on the coming Islamification of Europe. He claims to defend the interests of Henk and Ingrid, who are his personification of the pure people. By fiercely criticizing the elite for not defending 'Henk and Ingrid' against the threat of 'Islamification', the Partij Voor de Vrijheid (PVV) also qualifies as populist. While the PVV fits the category of national populism, it is important to stress the significant changes in the political ideas of Wilders over time. Wilders argues that he has a special mission to save the Dutch nation from Islamification while claiming to belong to the ordinary people This chapter explores the voters of the PVV in 2006 and 2010, and draws data from the Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies (DPES). It presents the socio-demographic and attitudinal drivers of PVV support, followed by a mixed model.