This chapter focuses on marriage can be best regarded as the third in a trilogy that connects alchemy, anima and animus, with contemporary marriage. On a psychological-alchemical level, this was seen as the marriage between mercury and sulphur; on the inner psychological plane as a marriage between the male and female aspects of an individual's psyche. Marriage, then, in this context also has two faces and represents the contemporary alchemical opus. Another way of stating this, perhaps a clearer way, is that in every marriage there is both a conscious marriage and an unconscious marriage. it is at the same time about being married to the inside of ourselves, the alchemical or esoteric marriage, the albedo stage of the work. A major verification of this technological view of marriage, of this extroverted view of marriage, can be seen in the utterly amazing proliferation of how-to-do-it marriage and sex manuals that pervade our bookstores the days.