This conclusion presents an overview of key concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book challenges the view that events staged in temporary venues are time limited phenomena with time limited effects. The urban street festival is an event genre where positive effects seem to accrue, with commercialisation, securitisation and privatisation relatively limited. Revenue is just one of several key drivers of the trend to use public spaces as event venues. Staging the city for international audiences is another explanation and one that is often at the root of many of the controversies noted into the book. The book has, various 'scapes' have been mentioned: cityscapes, landscapes, cultural scapes, streetscapes, mediascapes, sense scapes, brandscapes, experiencescapes and, perhaps most significantly, 'eventscapes'. As public spaces and events are phenomena partly created in the moment through the spontaneous practices of participants, detailed phenomenological analyses would be insightful.