Most incidents of taking the ground could expect to lead to bottom damage to the hull, depending on the nature and the quality of the sea bottom. Running aground is defined by ship which strikes the sea bed and has no under-keel clearance. Master's advice once on the ground: make a report to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB). Dry docking operations for the most part considered routine to ensure ships retained and operated at safe, legislated standards. When the routine docking schedule is interrupted by an emergency incident, most shipowners would expect to amalgamate emergency repairs with any routine survey work to avoid docking again soon. The 'Synchro-Lift' method of docking must be considered as probably the most modern style of docking ship within the marine industry today. The Finnish cruise ship Sally Albatross ran aground in Baltic Sea in ice-covered conditions March 1994, 1,250 passengers and crew were landed on the ice by a marine evacuation system (MES).