Marine Pollution (MARPOL) annexes take account of all aspects of marine pollution and ship's officers should be familiar with their content and the ramifications in the event of any form of pollution. There are two main hazards with the transport of oil; one is the danger of fire, the other is of pollution to the environment. Both are of major concern to Masters and crews engaged in oil transport all over the marine world. The routine operation of taking bunkers and the practice of loading or discharging oil cargoes always have the inherent risk of spillage. As such, strict procedures for the movement of oil must be followed and ships must carry a 'Ship's Oil Pollution Emergency Plan' (SOPEP), readily available to implement. Checklists for loading and discharging of oils are available on all ships engaged in the trade and can also be found in the International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide (ISGOTT).