One of the most detrimental attitudes towards working at sea is probably complacency in routine sea board tasks. Many signals are routinely employed within the maritime environment. The majority designated to specific incident or operation without raising the profile to a distress scenario. New technology incorporates new potential hazards for ship operators. ECDIS is valuable aid to ship's navigation and sits comfortably within the integrated bridge of modern ships' designs. The built-in redundancy with two independent sources of power and the doubling up of hardware and software make ECDIS the navigation system for the future. The essential function of the On-Scene Coordinator or On Scene Commander in the military (OSC) is to act as communication platform between the MRCC and individual search units to bring about a successful location and recovery of the casualty. In order to achieve this outcome, any Master who accepts the role of OSC should: Request resources from MRCC, AMVER, Coast Guards via coast radio station.