In my view, the overall talent base of a human service organization includes not only the organization’s staff members, but also its volunteers, student interns, board members, strategic partners, and anyone that helps the organization carry out its mission-sometimes even its clients. Talent is a term used by many progressively managed and led for-profit companies because it is more empowering to refer to an organization’s human resources-the people that work for and with an organizationin this manner. The word, talent, also sounds more palatable to an organization’s employees; they are not just a human resource used by the organization, but can offer the organization something of valuetheir talents. In fact, depending on the type of services provided by a human service organization, clients may also be considered talent. An example of this would be a social work advocacy organization that employs its service beneficiaries as spokespeople and advocates for the causes championed by the organization. Thus, talent is a broad but appropriate way of describing the human resource aspects of a human service organization.